Viju Educational Tour (Excursion) 2020 kicks off in  Febuary. The program has been upgraded with so much to learn. Viju has added more products to its variants. Children will have opportunity to learn more and acquire entrepreneurial knowledge.
The 2020 Viju Educational tour has been designed to accomodate more schools, NGO’s and organizations to have firsthand knowledge about  Viju. The program has gained popularity over the years, as it is held only on Thursdays in a week.
During the visit, the children are been put though the different stages of production, the quality control check on both the raw material and finished product and they are also enlightened about the nutritional value of the Viju milk drink.
The Students/pupils would also be given the opportunity to see the lines of production of our various products (Viju Milk drink, Mr. V Premium water 75cl, Mama V Tomato Paste and Obest Biscuit).
This year edutional tour kick off on the 13th of febuary anchored by Mr. Raphael Osiomwan and other members of the team. It was so exciting as the children were introduced to their favourite V-Smartic wheat milk drink and V-Joy chocolate milk drink.

This moved is geared towards exposing students/pupils to becoming entrepreneurs in the nearest future. It is also a way of giving back to the society on the part of Viju Industries Nigeria Ltd.

For participation, you can forward your application letter to   or call 08136654358