Keep fit with Viju

Health they say is Wealth. Viju Industries Nig. Ltd. recognizes this fact and that gave birth to the “Keep Fit With Viju” Program.

The “Keep Fit With Viju” is a fitness program that was organized by Viju Industries on 4th February, 2019. The program is a 10km race that was aimed at improving and bringing together of its staff both at the Head office at Ikeja and the factory at Igbesa. It had in attendance over 100 of its workforce on ground for the race.

The first position for male (Adeyemo Kayode) and first position for female (Adebayo Adenike) were both given a consolation prize of a brand new phone.

After the race everyone was treated to a sumptuous meal. The table was lavished with different delicacies of meal from local to inter-continental dishes.