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In the atmosphere of industrialization, Viju Industries Nigeria Limited took advantage of that moment and designed, researched and eventually produced what is fully accepted and known as “Viju Milk Drink” in 500ml and “Viju BB Star” in 210ml and 150ml.

In the confectioneries categories, “Obest biscuits” are the first to be introduced into the market for both school children and adults as they described it as the best biscuits produced locally at the moment.

However, Viju Industries Nigeria Limited has added two variants to the existing 500ml namely the Viju Baked Yoghurt and Viju Malt Milk, the real diversification centered on confectioneries and water, while the water is already known across the nation as “Mr.V Premium water”.

Recently added to our brand of products and improve packaging is the V-Smartic Wheat milk drink and V-Joy chocolate milk drink which comes in a handy pack of 100ml, 200ml and 1liter also well design to fit in you lunch box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuWi-O7jSrA



We always Support A good course!

  • Event Sponsorship

    We understand the need to participate in community events by providing them with neccessary support

  • Academic activities

    Children are the hope of tomorrow and we enhance the learning process by organizing excursion for students and providing support in academic related events. You can submit a sponsorship request to this email: info@vijufamily.com

Why Choose Us!

  • Quality and Satisfaction

    It’s a high quality and refreshing milk drink which gives you unparalleled satisfaction. Its volume makes you full thus making Viju a meal on its own

  • Standards

    Our products are manufactured under the most hygienic conditions. They are produced from an ultra-modern manufacturing facility which uses the most advanced packaging technology to ensure that the drinks retain their quality and goodness. Our products therefore have the requisite certification and approvals from all necessary regulatory authorities.

  • Health and Well-Beign

    Viju is not just delicious. It also has essential nutrients and vitamins to help you grow.

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